Jorts and Dead Fish: A Holiday Public Beach Experience

1. Jorts. [Self explanatory].

2. You’ve heard of the rule that if it’s dead and you didn’t kill it, you shouldn’t touch it? You haven’t? Congrats, you aren’t the only one! About 10 people at the beach on the 4th of July may have ended up with a weird fish parasite because it seemed like it was a good idea to pick up a dead fish from Lake Michigan. A couple points for a safe holiday (next year):

a) Lake Michigan. Don’t take anything from this lake, ever. Just as a general rule, especially if you are in Milwaukee or Chicago. In Chicago it is a particularly bad idea, since city officials actually do have to monitor the fecal count in the water. (Really, do not feed the birds.)

Actually, maybe don’t even go swimming. Just stay out of the water, and you’ll be fine.

Don’t pick up anything you find dead on the beach either.

b) Let me reiterate. If you didn’t kill the dead thing, don’t touch it. You don’t know where that’s been!

Bradford Beach Milwaukee is definitely a change of pace from Chiami (aka North Ave Beach, Chicago). Biggest difference: While there was still a hint of Jersey Shore (can’t be a city beach without it), the number of guys wearing Armani/Hugo Boss/CK under their swim trunks was about 1/8 of that found in Chiami. If you think that this is not a thing, check out Chiami. I understand that swim trunk liners can chafe, but please be advised that you just look like a douchebag when you show off your high-end name brand underwear. Adopting the Captain Morgan stance atop your cooler doesn’t help.

All in all, a beautiful day 4th of July in Milwaukee. We should do this more than once a year. ‘Merica.


So sweet.


My Weekend Escapades

I promise that I have not abandoned you, readers. I was laptop-less for some time and unable to provide you with the normal epic reading experience. Thus, we have a couple weekends to catch up on, outfit-wise.

My first weekend back in the wonderful city of Chicago, I met the Tony McGuinness from Above and Beyond (he was small and British, and pretty awesome) and Nikki Reed, who happens to be Rosalie from Twilight. The place: Studio Paris. The event: Samsung SIII Launch Party. You can check out photos from the event here. The only picture of me is highly unflattering, so I’ll just let you peruse at your leisure.
What I wore:

This blue oriental off the shoulder dress is one of the softest, silkiest things that I have ever worn. This makes it good to go braless (in addition, it’s loose fitting, so the boys won’t notice if you happen to get a little cold). I grabbed it off the clearance rack at Maurices for $12 (!). If you live in a big city, you’re not as likely to find one of these boutiques, as they are trying to stay in smaller towns.

These are my booties from Chinese Laundry (thanks, DSW!). >>>>>>>

This is what my feet looked like after wearing them for hours:

But no worries, I was back in heels again in a couple days. My feet just have to get used to it 🙂

Last Weekend in July.
Sequin Top by Express
Skirt by Audrey 3+1
Belt by Express

This past weekend, there were shenanigans on shenanigans. I chose to wear wedges for both. Friday night was Release Fridays at Sound-Bar. I put on some killer wedges and headed out with the BF for some house music and wubs. See how happy my face is? >


<<What I wore (still working on getting a photographer)
Wedges by De Blossom Collection

Bartender Niki (check out her Twitter) was wearing a super hot pink bandage dress, and guided me to They have some awesome club wear at great prices–definitely check it out, and let me know what you get!

Saturday night was a birthday blur as I headed to Wicker Park to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I must have walked 3-4 miles in these wedges. My feet did not thank me, but they made my legs look awesome.
The full ensemble:

I snagged both the body-con skirt and the tube top from Rue 21. If you have a Rue near you, definitely check it out. You might think that they have nothing but neon, but they have excellent deals on cute tops and fantastic clearance racks. The shirts are not of the best quality, but I don’t expect a shirt that I bought for $4 to last more than a summer. They are also currently running a “Win Free Jeans” promotion if you own a pair of Rue jeans–check out the link.

We hit up Wicker Park Fest (total hipster-fest), Standard Bar & Grill, and finally Evil Olive, which happens to be home to Porn and Chicken on Mondays. Don’t Google that at work.

All in all, it’s been a good couple weekends back home. Now that I have a functioning laptop, I’ll be posting #likeaboss. Omg, just click on it, it’s the best.


It’s Good to Be Back, Chicago

A domestic ungulate, known as “Cow”

Going from a city to a small country town is not easy. You realize, for the upteenth time, why you did not want to live there in the first place. You put up with “townies.” You see the shirt that says “There are three kinds of racks that I like: the one on my truck, the one on that deer, and the one on my girlfriend” way too much. The mullet is still in style. Wearing short dresses and high heels is kind of unheard of (thus making half of my wardrobe unwearable). I wore flip flops to go out. Gasp. Oh, and look! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Bought these at DSW, 50% off!
Lulu Townsend, Effie

This is why, my friends, it’s good to be back in Chicago. Not only can I go out in adorable clothing, and just be part of the scene, I can head downtown on the train and be within a million billion little boutiques and department stores in about a half hour. Can’t beat that (my wallet groans).

But I’ve been good. I love that I can sit in Jamba Juice sipping (technically slurping) an overpriced but highly delicious Peach Perfection and watch Chicago stroll by. Impromptu break dance contest? Sure, why not. Three girls all wearing mostly the same tank top with grey and neon yellow stripes? There are other colors of neon out there ladies. Love it, but branch out.

The Ubiquitous Neon Striped Tank Top
(thanks Polyvore)

I adore looking at other people in cute clothing (don’t make fun of me) and possibly incorporating their style. I love the club life, and the fact that bars are open till 5 and then can open again at 6am. What what. Ok, I never actually stay out that late, but it’s nice to have the option.
Basically, Chicago is pretty fantastic. If you ever get the chance, you should probably check it out.