I’ve Got a Jar Full of Wishes


Questions galore about this necklace. Yes, I love it. Yes, those are tiny wishbones! (I like to think I’m starting this next phase of oh-god-more-college with lots of wishes) Yep, it’s hand-made by my good friend, up and coming Chicago designer, Effigy By Kira Lee. Look her up!


Looking Haute in Vintage


Leather overallsImage







This is what I’ve been doing. Trying out some modeling. Just a couple ol’ vintage pieces. Nothing major. Except that these are TOTALLY ON SALE.

Here’s what you need to do:

Go to Dead Girls Vintage on Etsy.

Use coupon code 7deadgirlsmoving7 to get 50% off on purchases of $20 or more.


Personal favorites from above are the black lace overdress and the leather overall dress with the fab cat-eye sunglasses.

Also, try not to be jealous of how pale I am. I know you are 😛


Patiently Orange

Orange Pants 1 Orange Pants 3 Orange Pants 4 Orange Pants Bag Orange Pants Sweater Back Orange Pants Sweater

Summer (spring?) is very disappointing this year. Here it is, June, and I’m wearing jeans and sweater. Now, I really like this particular outfit, but it’s got more of a fall feel to it. But if Mother Nature wants to dish out low 60s in the spring, I am not about to freeze my butt off. 

So here it is, my it’s-spring-but-not-really-I’m-being-so-patient outfit. I love love love these wedge booties that I snagged (on sale!) from The Alley here in Chicago. I picked up this awesome bag at Nevermind, a boutique that’s just a few storefronts down. The best part? It was half off, because they were having their grand re-opening sale. If you live in Chicago/you are visiting, check out both these places. Just do it.

If you happen to be an online shopping addict, you probably definitely should not check out Tobi. Both that sweet sweater and the gray-shaded tank underneath were Tobi purchases…and I regret nothing. Anyway. Tobi. 30% off new arrivals daily, and you can get 50% off your first order. Dresses, jewelry, bags, shirts, shorts, pants, swimwear, afgjklfglaglg I’m freaking out just thinking about it. GO FORTH, young Padawan.

“And the pants?” you might ask? Well, I have a secret. It’s called “when I go home to upstate NY, I go to Rue 21 and shop the sale rack.” Let me tell you, you can find some gems here. You will definitely see some of them right here throughout the summer. I find, because women’s fashions change so quickly, that it’s easier just to buy some things to last for one season. So I stock up on funky shirts, neon shorts, weird denim things, etc. The last time I went, though, I hit the jackpot on cheap jeans. And so, Patiently Orange was born.

Until next time, sweeties.


P.S. I briefly attempted to translate part of this into hieroglyphics. Next time I’ll pick something with less “quail chicks” for a character.

Getting Ready to Walk

So I’ve got some sweet news for you. Saturday I put on some 5” wedge booties and a sweet outfit from Effigy by Kira Lee and got to walk the runway (first time ever) at the Fashion Market Spring Runway Show.

It was pretty fabulous, especially since she has some awesome collections! Photos below are from getting ready:

IMG_1009 IMG_1013 IMG_1016 IMG_1022


Things I learned:

A big part of modeling is learning to sit really still while other people do things to you.

I am SUPER pale.

Fashion shows are high energy and tons of fun.

That…that…that….that’s all folks! Keep an eye on the blog, I’ll be sure to link to pictures from the show as they pop up/get sent to me! Feel free to like Kira Lee on Facebook to get all her updates and future show dates.



Using What You’ve Got: White Out.

white all over 2 white all over 4 white all over 5 white all over 6 white all over 7

Took these a few weeks ago on a decently warm day (thanks boyfriend!) This outfit is a total closet raid–things that I got years ago are a part of it, including the bracelet my grandparents gave me 2 Christmases ago. Imagine that.

Jeans: Dry Slim Kim Nudies, about a year and a half old, not washed yet (but soon!! Super excited to see how that turns out!) I’ve been holding off on washing them because, honestly, I haven’t been wearing them more than 2 days out of the week. It’s hard to style them with a bootie or a cute flat because they’ve stretched since I first got them, from skinny to kind of awkwardly not-so-skinny. However, they are by far the most comfortable pair of jeans that I own.

Check out the fades that I’ve got on the right hip/pocket. Oddly, I didn’t get the same fades on the other side. Funny what unique fade patterns will tell you.

If you don’t know anything about dry denim, check out this post.

Sequined Shirt: Express, about 2 summers ago

White dress shirt: I think I stole it from my mom’s closet 2 years ago

Scarf: Christmas present!

Ridiculous sunglasses: borrowed from Justin Ridiculous

Boots: Two Lips, about 3 years old

Note to self: Next time, shoot at the max MP on your really old Nikon point-and-shoot. Everything’s a learning process, huh?


[If you look real hard, you can see that the little man is wearing a baseball hat.]

An Open Letter to Yoga Pant Lovers Everywhere

Dear Ladies (and Gents and Animals Wearing Clothes),

I love yoga pants. I’m actually wearing some right now as I sit at my desk and write. They’re stretchy, forgiving, and the pretty sister of those god-awful college-emblazoned sweatpants. My boyfriend does not complain at all about how nicely they highlight my gluteus maximus (if we’re being technical). The world is a very comfy place when I’ve got these babies on.

HOWEVER, as my mother would say, “(*sigh*) There is a time and a place, Rachel, a time and a place.” In my book, (and I wish this were true of all books) there are two times and respective places for the much beloved yoga pant. Basically, you need to ask yourself two questions before sliding into those “Love Pink” super comfy stretch pants.

1. Am I going to yoga/workout class/gym?

Doing yoga in my yoga pants!

Doing yoga in my yoga pants!

2. Am I planning on spending my time with these pants lounging about my home?

Chillin' with a bottle of Bolthouse.

Chillin’ with a bottle of Bolthouse.

If you answer “no” to both of those questions, the pants that you should wear are NOT yoga pants. Pick out a nice pair of jeans, wear a skirt, spruce up your day with a sweaterdress, but please do not put on those yoga pants. Most imperatively, do not put on yoga pants and then go put on some makeup. There is nothing that irks me more than a girl with her makeup on, a nice top, some earrings with…yoga pants. Somehow she managed to devote time to putting on lipstick, but forgot her pants. WHOOPS.

To be honest, I feel a little bit sorry for those yoga pants. Think about it. Say you are designed with one purpose in life: provide a stretchy environment in which all shapes can do yoga, and not rip their pants. You were made to absorb sweat, get bent out of shape, and hug the mat. But then your owner tells you that instead of doing those things, you’re going to go to Target and look at other yoga pants and be jealous.

That may have gone to far. But you catch my drift. Just as tights are not pants, and you would not wear sweatpants to go out to dinner, yoga pants are not real pants. They are glorified sweatpants.

There is one entity that will never object to yoga pants on a girl. In case you haven’t checked yourself out in the mirror while wearing yoga pants, here’s an FYI: they do a pretty damn good job of highlighting your ass. (The butt, incidentally, may or may not be where we get the heart shape from.) Many men love yoga pants–this may be part of the reason why they’ve become so popular. However, be warned that this exists: Girls In Yoga Pants. As much as men may want you to wear your yoga pants so they can ogle your butt, please (for the sake of style) resist.

At this point, you might hate me for what you might call an “unjustified attack on yoga pants.” Let me just give you some perspective: I have never once looked a man wearing sweatpants in public and thought, “Wow, he looks like someone I would want to get to know.” Or “Boy, he looks fashion forward.” Normally my thought is, “You look a little old to still be in college.” C’mon ladies, let’s do fashion a favor and keep the yoga pants in the gym. Remember, people used to think this was cool:


Let’s try not to wildly embarrass our children. Thanks.

Hugs and Kisses,


P.S. If you’re really into rocking the yoga pants, go you! Just know that I will think that you are perpetually hungover.

Unapologetically Phoebe

I love, adore, want to be, have a crush on Phoebe Buffay. If you don’t know who that is, she’s the somewhat crazy blonde on Friends. If you haven’t ever seen an episode of Friends, we can’t be friends.

Let me just get this out of the way. Monica is too clean and anal. Rachel is too whiny, and seriously, just end things with Ross.

Carrying on.

Ode to Phoebe

Can I have your muffin?

My mom committed suicide.

I’m getting married

…though I never thought I wanted to.

I carried my brother’s triplets

…out of the goodness of my heart.

I still run like I’m 5 years old.

I sing even though I’m terrible.

I have a questionable sexual history.

I ride my bike with training wheels.

And you know what?

I don’t care what you think.

“Watch, learn, and don’t eat my cookie.”

Not my best. For some reason, I was much better at poetry in 5th grade. Perhaps I’m jaded now, unlike the multi-talented and always wondering Phoebe.

I don’t just adore Pheobe for her “I-don’t-care” attitude and her running skills. Her personality is reflected in what she wears. Her outfits wouldn’t work on Rachel or Monica, but they work perfectly for her. Occasionally bordering between “crunchy” and “mildly crazy with a hint of 5 year old,” the outfits are uniquely her, and complement her character to the fullest.

the many looks of Pheobe Buffay

Normally colorful, sometimes a little more crazy, sometimes hobo, sometimes polished, sometimes with feathery hairties and pigtails. You know that whatever she wears, she will own it.

This carefree dressing style that is both integral and completely unique to her is what I strive towards. So what if I want to wear plaid Keds with a white skirt and a striped top? Makes me happy. When I want to dress crazy, I’ll dress crazy. When I want to be sexy, I’m there. Dressing well is not just about following the trends: it is about being able to look absolutely at home in what you’re wearing. In addition, putting some “you” into the outfit is exactly what the doctor prescribes for fixing the “copycat” feeling.

Sidenote: My boyfriend’s parents recently bought me one of those awesome calf length sleeping bag coats; when I wear it with my Moon Boots, I just look like a walking pillow. BUT I’m the warmest person ever. It’s negative degrees out; that’s all that matters. I GET STARED AT, IT’S FINE.

Here is my ultimate “crazy with a hint of 5 year old” outfit:


nbd, just going to a horse show.

So whether it’s 4 inch heels, Moon Boots, or both, the most important thing is to feel at home in your own clothes. ‘Cause let’s be real, it’s much easier to dress for yourself than it is to try and please everyone who sees you. 

Let me know what your crazy Phoebe wardrobe moment was!