Do ants take baths? And other important grad school questions

I just encountered my first Google fail. I image searched “ants taking a bath” (for various, top secret research reasons, of course) and got NOTHING. The first thing that came up was a dog. NOT EVEN CLOSE. So I’m coming here to vent about this. (i was hoping for a cartoon version, because in reality bugs in large groups freak me out.)


BUT then I realized, I can fix this problem. NEVER FEAR. Because now, your “ants taking a bath” no picture problem has been solved. [Never really wanted to know if ants actually take baths]

20140713_221941 IMG_20140713_221750

Cred to C-Dubs on the clawfeet. Mine won’t ever get the chance to run.


You are so welcome.


Other important questions that may arise during grad school:

Can I cut this? 

And how does ______ achieve this function? 

Can I palpate you?

How can we keep a coffee maker hidden all semester?

Are my khakis really jean cut?




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