Patiently Orange

Orange Pants 1 Orange Pants 3 Orange Pants 4 Orange Pants Bag Orange Pants Sweater Back Orange Pants Sweater

Summer (spring?) is very disappointing this year. Here it is, June, and I’m wearing jeans and sweater. Now, I really like this particular outfit, but it’s got more of a fall feel to it. But if Mother Nature wants to dish out low 60s in the spring, I am not about to freeze my butt off. 

So here it is, my it’s-spring-but-not-really-I’m-being-so-patient outfit. I love love love these wedge booties that I snagged (on sale!) from The Alley here in Chicago. I picked up this awesome bag at Nevermind, a boutique that’s just a few storefronts down. The best part? It was half off, because they were having their grand re-opening sale. If you live in Chicago/you are visiting, check out both these places. Just do it.

If you happen to be an online shopping addict, you probably definitely should not check out Tobi. Both that sweet sweater and the gray-shaded tank underneath were Tobi purchases…and I regret nothing. Anyway. Tobi. 30% off new arrivals daily, and you can get 50% off your first order. Dresses, jewelry, bags, shirts, shorts, pants, swimwear, afgjklfglaglg I’m freaking out just thinking about it. GO FORTH, young Padawan.

“And the pants?” you might ask? Well, I have a secret. It’s called “when I go home to upstate NY, I go to Rue 21 and shop the sale rack.” Let me tell you, you can find some gems here. You will definitely see some of them right here throughout the summer. I find, because women’s fashions change so quickly, that it’s easier just to buy some things to last for one season. So I stock up on funky shirts, neon shorts, weird denim things, etc. The last time I went, though, I hit the jackpot on cheap jeans. And so, Patiently Orange was born.

Until next time, sweeties.


P.S. I briefly attempted to translate part of this into hieroglyphics. Next time I’ll pick something with less “quail chicks” for a character.


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