Using What You’ve Got: White Out.

white all over 2 white all over 4 white all over 5 white all over 6 white all over 7

Took these a few weeks ago on a decently warm day (thanks boyfriend!) This outfit is a total closet raid–things that I got years ago are a part of it, including the bracelet my grandparents gave me 2 Christmases ago. Imagine that.

Jeans: Dry Slim Kim Nudies, about a year and a half old, not washed yet (but soon!! Super excited to see how that turns out!) I’ve been holding off on washing them because, honestly, I haven’t been wearing them more than 2 days out of the week. It’s hard to style them with a bootie or a cute flat because they’ve stretched since I first got them, from skinny to kind of awkwardly not-so-skinny. However, they are by far the most comfortable pair of jeans that I own.

Check out the fades that I’ve got on the right hip/pocket. Oddly, I didn’t get the same fades on the other side. Funny what unique fade patterns will tell you.

If you don’t know anything about dry denim, check out this post.

Sequined Shirt: Express, about 2 summers ago

White dress shirt: I think I stole it from my mom’s closet 2 years ago

Scarf: Christmas present!

Ridiculous sunglasses: borrowed from Justin Ridiculous

Boots: Two Lips, about 3 years old

Note to self: Next time, shoot at the max MP on your really old Nikon point-and-shoot. Everything’s a learning process, huh?


[If you look real hard, you can see that the little man is wearing a baseball hat.]


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