Totally Truthful: Waxing

***If you happen to be a gent, and don’t want to know about any feminine grooming habits, this is probably not the post for you. Go read about bow-ties (they’re cool).***


Going “bare down there.” It’s a trend, dontcha know. (Such a trend that it’s starting to put a real damper on the lifestyle of pubic lice.) Some choose to navigate the stormy seas with a razor, while others sign up for the once a month ripping of hair out of their nether regions. What you do is up to you–bare, a little bit, or all of it all the time. I just want to let you know that you are not alone in your quest for the perfect groom.

RIIIIIIIIIIIIP. You may have experienced the sensation firsthand, or you’ve heard it while getting a pedicure. Maybe neither of these two things, but you’ve definitely heard other women talk about. You’ve seen the Yelp reviews.

I recently had a terrible experience at a waxing salon. I won’t give you the full recap here (if you want that, check out my Yelp review) but I just want you to know that she spent a good five to ten minutes getting wax off my foot. My foot. You read that right. When asked about my waxing experiences, here are the questions that I most often answer:

1. That hurts, doesn’t it? Yes, yes it does. Whether you’re getting just your bikini line done or the full deal, someone is pulling out all that hair. Now, depending on what type of hair you have, how often you wax/groom/etc, the amount of “Ouch!” that you experience will differ. Your aesthetician and the type of wax used will play a huge factor in this.

2. Isn’t it awkward? It will be for you the first time or two that you go. For your aesthetician? Nope, probably not. Just remember, she’s seen pretty much everything. Not only that, but she can probably give you lots of good advice on dry skin and other issues that you may encounter while grooming. Your aesthetician is your friend, and he or she is going to do everything possible to make you feel comfortable during your experience. This isn’t just a one-time deal–they want you to come back!

3. Is there a special kind of wax? The answer is YES. Lots of places just use a plain old honey wax, but if you find that you have super sensitive skin, check out different salons. Some aestheticians use waxes with lotion, some use hard wax–it varies by salon. Normally, the more you pay, the better quality wax you should expect to receive. This is not the rule, however. One aesthetician I went to used this awesome blue hard wax that clung only to hair; it didn’t pull of my top layer of skin like many soft waxes do. The best part? She only charged $30. I would love to find a salon in Chicago that uses that wax.

The bottom line here? Find someone with whom you are comfortable. It may not be the first person you try. It may not be the person that your friend recommended. Remember, never be afraid to USE YOUR WORDS. If the aesthetician is using wax that’s too hot, tell her. If you know a certain spot hurts more than others, just ask her to hold it for another couple seconds. You may find out that you have to go to a couple different salons before you get the perfect wax.

So don’t be afraid. Go forth. Get waxed. Go shave. Or don’t. But if you have questions or experiences, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below 😉

Ton’s o’ X’s and O’s


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