Jeans! Of the Dry Variety.

I haven’t washed my jeans in a little under a year. Well, that’s a lie. I have washed my jeans, just not a certain pair: my dry denim Nudie Slim Kims. I do have a post on my personal blog from December documenting the lovelies–see here.

Dry denim is denim that has never been washed or chemically treated. For example, when you purchase “normal” jeans, they already have a fade pattern and distressing>>>>>>>
Dry denim, on the other hand, comes in one color–unadulterated, deep indigo blue. You typically wear dry denim for at least 6 months before you wash them, to allow time for fading to take place. In my case, I have chosen to wait about a year. Slim Kims are stretch dry denim, so they have taken longer to fade than just a normal pair of dry denim jeans.
In addition, the “stretch” part made it a little bit harder to buy a pair that fit; I bought the jeans tight, and within about a month, they had loosened considerably. I’m hoping that they will shrink (at least a little) when I wash them.
Pictures (taken in April 2012):
I will be getting some awesome butt fade,
as well as some cool whiskering on the back
of the legs
You can see the fading on the pockets!

As you can see, they aren’t quite the skinny jeans that I was hoping for, but it’s all good!

Those lines be all up on my jeans.
I’m hoping that I get some hip fade as well.

You may be wondering why I would want to wear the same jeans everyday. I don’t, as a matter of fact, I just usually wear them every other day, or 5 days a week, depending on the weather and if I have to go into work. For the summer, I have been wearing them cuffed to about mid-calf. The resulting fade will be interesting to see….


Photo courtesy of Chad Stephenson Photography
I usually style with flip flops or wedges (depending on what I’ll be doing) and a looser top, though I am a fan of tank tops in the summer.  In the winter, you’ll see me wearing them with tall boots, and some sort of long-sleeved apparatus. Throw on some funky earrings and some bangles (love bangles), and you’re good to go!
If you want completely unique jeans that are perfectly attuned to how you move, dry denim is the way to go. This is only my first pair of dry denim, and I’m definitely planning on buying more. I’ve already done some looking…
If you’re interested in learning more about dry denim (since I’ve barely told you anything), the Nudie website is a great resource. You can also visit their webshop from their home page. The price range on their dry denim is generally $179 and upwards, but it’s an investment! Nudie’s are not the only brand of dry denim–Nudie is just one of the largest retailers. So take a look around. You’ll probably get hooked.
The Wash Video, essential to every dry denim owner:
Here’s some useful denim-related blogs to add to the blog roll:

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