Super Useful Fantastic Shopping Sites

To be 10000% honest, I should be packing out my closet for my move to ChiCity, but I felt that this blog post, if not more important, was definitely less stressful.


Ok. So, that being over with, I am about to give you The List. This is my daily “hey, let’s window shop online and try not to buy anything because there are really good prices” list of websites that I check.

1. Tobi
Awesome website that features 30% off their new arrivals. And let me tell you. YES. They have fantastic dresses and tops, and they regularly get colored skinnies in. Check this out, or just go bury your head in the sand.
If you haven’t heard of iDeeli, go there now. It features designer clothes and other items (I mean, you know, top of the line Hello Kitty mixers and the like) at major discounts. All you have to do is go to the site and click the “Sign Up With Facebook” button. Don’t pass this up.
Yeah, don’t know how you say it, if it’s Urban-og or Urban-oh-gee, but they have way low prices, especially on shoes, my favorite item. Just a word of warning: when buying cheaper shoes, try to stay away from the shoes that have the add-ons–studs, sparkles, and the like. They are more likely to fall off and kind of ruin the look of the shoe. But for basic shoes, go to town!
You might go to this site and think I’m crazy. I mean, I am, but not because I shop here. They have great prices on club dresses. Need something to go to a concert in and not worry about it getting ruined? Go here. Don’t ever be afraid to check club wear/lingerie sites for awesome dresses and shoes. Sometimes they have the best deals and the best shoes.
Kk chicas, these are the websites. Use them wisely and with great abandon.
I have to go finish packing. GAHHHHHH.

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