Wearing Heels: A Crash Course

Ladies, ladies, ladies. I know. Wearing heels is not easy. But if you want those killer looking calves and the great ass-lift, heels are the way to go. Currently, my favorite pair of heels are a pair of 5-1/2” zebra heels with a 2” platfrom from Qupid.

Want to make your heel-wearing experience a little happier and less stressful? Try these simple rules:
1. Buy your heels tight. Don’t buy ones that are sure to slop on your feet, you’ll end up with blisters, and you’ll be frustrated because you spend most of your night attempting to keep your heels on.
2. Do the rub test. Wear your heels someplace (not out) and only for an hour or two, but make sure you’re doing some walking. If they rub anywhere, pre-bandaid before you go out for the night. They also have these nifty things called Rub Relief Strips. Use em.
3. Don’t take your heels off before you get home–your feet will swell and it will be a pain to get them back on if you need to. Unless you have the life saving Fast Flats. (Really, this isn’t a thing for Dr. Scholl’s, Dr. Scholl just happens to know what women need. Thank God.)


4. Going out to dance and be super active (maybe to a dubstep concert)? Opt for wedges or a thicker heel, since they  require less balance and will let you go pain free for longer than a stiletto.
5. The higher the heel, the smaller the step.
6. Use railings. Don’t die.
7. You own the sidewalk/any paved surface. Those people wearing not wearing heels can remove themselves from your path.
8. Don’t wear a heel height you’re not comfortable with out until you’ve worn it around the house. I can tell you from experience, it leads to sprained ankles. Not fun.
9. I think peep toes are adorable. However, they can also be more painful than regular closed-toe heels, so really wear them around before you have to take a journey in them. If you need to, do a little padding around the top part of the peep.
10. [This number is open for suggestions. Let me know in the comments what your #10 would be. I’m at a loss.]One last handy tip (not quite worthy of a #10): Avoid these death traps at all costs. Helpful to the blind and those walking and texting. Otherwise, broken ankle waiting to happen.

If you feel that I have left out an important rule, or you think that one of the above is simply wrong, let me know in the comments below!


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